Modus Operandi: Hi Lo x Greg Pike




Full disclosure (as if that's not my normal m.o.): there's nights / (days) that I find being a girl to be just the best.


Like tonight today (it'll be 7 a.m. when this is published, but FD - it's really tonight) it's all Tove Lo and Wildcat! Wildcat! on my spotify radio. #CHARMINGASFUCK (to quote Tove Lo).

It's a long bath, nail painting and a little chill out after days of shooting for Highland Park Village in Dallas and pre/show/nerves/excitement for the Hi Lo Spring/Summer 2015 Collection presentation happening at May Gallery.

(M.O. playing dress up for a J-O-B. (!))

(If I added the wine and cheese story going on right now you'd know it's really "tonight" - because, ya know I only make it a habit to day drink on Sundays, and Mardi Gras, and in the summertime, while traveling, ok... moving on - so this is clearly a #laterblog).

Back to the point: the M.O. of the Southern Coalition of Fashion & Design event happening at May is fashion, hair, music, art and the coolest kids I know.

PLUS: PINK + BABY BLUE VELVET. And the prettiest custom florals. Hello!? Can THAT be my everyday girl M.O.?


This little collab seen here is Greg Pike of Gaudet Bros pretty much nailing it in his first New Orleans collection: "Lost Love Club" with the baddest and somehow still cotton candy sweet addition of clothing by Hi Lo. They've got the 'coolest girl in the room M.O.' on lock. Simply gorgeous.





And the photos, shot by Alexa King, are the perfect 'why it's rad being a girl' inner selfie.



p.s. New Orleans friends hope to see you all at the show.

Need details? Check the invite here, and tickets will be available at the door.

Have a lovely night / (day) you guys.

*images courtesy of Greg Pike via