Photo Preview: Wanderful! Eastern Seaboard & The Texas Hideaways

Hi hi,

I'm back with another little photo preview. As I mentioned last week we're a few days away from release; you can still pre-ordered or go ahead and camp out at your local bookshop, or Barnes, Borders, Urban, etc to get your hands on one of the first copies of Wanderful! If you do decide to camp out holla at me and I'll come meet you 😉 !

Another little reminder: I'll be in New York City speaking on September 19th at Rizzoli and New Orleans friends, save the date for an event at Martine Chaisson Gallery on September 16th! Yay! 

Here's another round of photos, from two places that couldn't be more different! Chapter 3 covers the Eastern Seaboard of Maine, and 4 is Austin, Marfa and Terlingua! 

I'll share a preview of chapters 5 - 9 tomorrow and Monday and release day is Tuesday so then we party, ya know!?


The Eastern Seaboard with Keiko Lynn

The Texas Hideaways with Aza & Char

I'll be back again tomorrow with Route 66 & a road trip through the electric desert of New Mexico all the way to Joshua Tree, CA!

Wanderfully yours!


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