Like Unmined Gold


“Hidden in the glorious wildness like unmined gold.” - John Muir


That quote, we'll get to it.

But first:

Presently I'm tucked away in a teeny tiny ski lodge on the edge of downtown Aspen. So gypsy glam.

However, the not so glam part: it's taking everything I've got to even move my fingers across the keyboard and there's a pile of tissues and a cup of half drank tea that I can't quite clean up.

Pure exhaustion. The least poetic thing I can think of.

I've acquired a nasty summer cold, experienced my first emergency landing on a plane ride in from Los Angeles and am doing everything I can to not just crawl under the blankets and sleep away the weekend.

The thing of it is however, that quote - this wild life is all about finding the gold. So here I am. In Aspen. Reflecting on the gold.

As my birthday came and went about 5 days ago, I've been on 5 planes, in no less than 5 cities and have had the most mind blowing start to my new year. I spent my birthday celebrating on a mountain top with a boy that's showing me daily how brilliantly kind people can be.

Pure gold.

Then had a visit from my family that reminded me of the special bond that those of the same blood can have.

14 Karat. 

So here's a few snaps from my time in Boulder last week. Colorado is quickly winning a spot on my all time favorites list. Boulder and now Aspen.... what a place. I highly recommend it!


Venturing up to Chautaqua Park for an afternoon picnic in a meadow we made our own. Never travel without a picnic blanket, by the way, impromptu picnics are the best! ... also Ben's excited, you should have seen him, oh 8 minutes before as we hiked up the last 1/4 mile.


Little Boulder has the sweetest front porches. Our little Airbnb sat next to this beauty, I was dying to sneak on to the porch for a glass or two of wine.


Birthday treats: flowers, champagne and my favorite records on vinyl.


 Kisses and happiness, much love to this one for making the getaway so perfect!

p.s. while I've been traveling I've been working on book number 2! I promise to share details soon... I'm already beyond excited about what's in store! In the meantime, here's a few items I love whether you're picnicking on a mountainside or on your own living room floor.


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