Let Me Paint a Picture for Ya

True confession. I have a serious case of the Mardi Gras writer's block.

Also known as spent the weekend Krewe du Vieux-ing, and drinking all the champagne and eating so much king cake.

King Cake

Apple and goat cheese king cake, bubbles, boudin king cake, bubbles on heavy rotation.

What, someone's got to do it.

Like 3 runs to the champagne store later I recognize that in other cities this might be considered a problem. But here, nah, and oui, I called it the champagne store.

So what do I do with a dose of nothing creative is flowing from my brain unless it's being poured into a costume situation?

Mask Making

Find the music. Then the light. And the words. Typically in that order.

And presently here's what's in my headphones... let me paint a picture for ya....

So while the writer's block / carnival season fog is lifting or maybe settling in, let's dig into the costume box and keep that MG mood going.

Who's with me?

Costume Box


photos taken with VSCO
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And the soundtrack. Here ya go, picture painted.