Grind Over Glamour

Grind Over Glamour

"6AM = Dedicated to the mastery of your own destiny in realtime." 

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Grind Over Glamour

I've been feeling it. The 6AMs. The grind over glamour. There's a lot on the plate, mind, rotation.

 I found myself a few weeks ago in one of those conversations that Jupiter and company hurled me like a crashing comet directly into.

I go willingly and able into those, btw. I only know how to do things one way.

Grind Over Glamour

I believe in that grind. And I'm open.

So back to that conversation. I crash in a million glittery pieces right into it an opportunity I didn't even know I was looking for.

Grind Over Glamour

 These things happen.

Last year that moment the contract for my book landed in my inbox rainbows and unicorns fired into the sky and I was like "oh here we are. everything is about to change."

This time I've found myself taking a new gig working for an artist that I unabashedly admire. I'll have an opportunity to travel, see a bit more of the world, explore and learn so much.

Grind Over Glamour

So presently, here I am dancing in the rain, literally. Smiling, because MAJOR.

Stay always the student // find those things you love // and grind it out.

It'll take you places. Wherever you want to go.

My friend Brennan designed this T, btw. The brand 6AM Clothing was created for tastemakers who are "UP EARLY TO GRIND AND GETTING IN LATE because they know the hustle doesn’t stop. These purveyors of cool STAY HUNGRY and stay humble." The opening quote is his.

That's an approach I can seriously get behind.