Golden Obsessions

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“listen: there’s a hell of a good universe next door; let’s go” ― E.E. Cummings

wearing vintage via Hazel & Florange


I get obsessed fairly easily. Like not in a crazy, fan girl, type way. Ok, maybe on occasion .... ask my friend Rebecca about the time we ran into the Muleavy sisters on Frenchman Street one Halloween.

I did what I typically do if I'm fan girl-ing about someone or something: I considered running the opposite direction. But then (here's where champagne helps and a great excuse for my habit): I turned about face and demanded to know why in the world they were in town and why they were yelling harassing things in my direction: "GRUNGE GIRLLLLLL! HEY GRUNGE GIRL!"

It was Halloween weekend. However, I was not in costume. Thank youuuu very much Kate and Laura.

(How the rest played out is a whole other story ending in fake phone numbers being exchanged).

Anyways before champagne, I would have just run. Total nerves.

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Another example: I had a boyfriend in eight grade. And I never, not once, actually spoke to him directly. All of our communication was via the good ol' junior high note. He was way cute. Played soccer and an instrument ... had long hair. I was OBSESSED. It didn't last long, he wanted to take me to the movies. NO WAY. That would have required an actual conversation. Total nerves.

In the meantime as the grown up girl pictured above, my present obsessions include (we'll start with the insta variety):

Shelbie Dimond. She makes me want to live in things like this with a vibe like this.

And take photos covered in golden light and sunshine.


NASA. I have a thing for the stars.

And girls who write about them.

And I just saw Interstellar. So.

Obsessions of the non inter-webs variety:

 Navy and Bronze nailcolor.

(Navy's my signature although I wish I'd make time for the evil eye and sprinkles manicures.)

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And all gold everything.

Brocade Coat similar here and here / Sunnies similar here and here / Skirt similar here (and at a great price!)

Cork Platforms. Adding socks because of the weather. Enjoying these quite a bit.

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So. That's me today. Back to obsessing about the piles of work on my desk.

What's your obsessions right now? Anything I need to know about? I love having my mind blown so let's hear it.

(photos by Kaela)