Everything. Eventually.




1 a..m. obsessing.

By the time I actually count the hands on the clock, we'll be 57 hours

ahead of where this obsession story started.

So what,

by the way, are we obsessing over?

The usual line up and a few additional everythings?

..(and I'm switching back to first person, because the other way is rather weird if we do say so ourselves)...

And what's new anyways, (nothing?)

if the obsession fits wear it.

Also, if the virgin suicides dress fits.

Wear it.

And if the rabbit's foot fits, well follow suit.

Back to the point, or the other one, I suppose, this dress is at least half of it:



1. Design Week. Happening, basically, now. Mark your calendars March 15 - 21st. K? Good. (And psssst. Prepare to be fully obsessed with what's on the SDW calendar.)

2. Vogue, Art, Writing, Travel, and a few other like, life, like things. Not on this list? Then I'm not bothering.

3. And then besides that, there's pretty much nothing, less everything. ee cummings agrees with me:

...Everything(dreamed & hoped & prayed for months & weeks & days & years & nights & forever)is Less Than Nothing...


So that's that. 55 68 short minutes later we can all relax now. (Eventually.)


wearing: Dress Vintage Commune, Rabbit's Foot Renu Jewelry, Gold choker vintage, Sunnies Krewe du Optic

Photos: Chet Overall on location in the Lower 9th, New Orleans.