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December. You sneaky thing. While I'm over here swatting New Orleans mosquitos and biking through the French Quarter in 75 degree weather for afternoon meetings somehow the first real month of winter actually showed up.  And as a girl that believes fully that she was born to be in the sun I have a little itty bitty teeny problem with that glowing center of the universe (or at least this galaxy, right?) going down at 5.

Like presently, I'm in the studio with The National on vinyl, powering through a full day, now night, of work... and I prefer my sun to stay up late, like me... but that's outside of my control I suppose. So back to that record player....

I'm trying, but I'm graceless Don't have the sunny side to face this I am invisible and weightless You can't imagine how I hate this

Ok. Enough with the melancholy dramatics.

(But The National on vinyl, you guys. So. Way. Good.)

And in the meantime, December has delivered some fantastic projects, so I've got nothing but good vibes in real life.

Oui We Beauty 3

This week I'm shooting a beauty editorial with Hunter and Mat on Thursday (inspiration board seen here) and then was booked for a fantastic editorial shoot next week. Love that.

I've also got a few more book events this week - tomorrow at Pearl Wine Company and then Saturday night at the Roosevelt Hotel which is probably the most beautiful place to be during the Holidays in New Orleans.  I'll be at the New Orleans Museum of Art later this month before heading to the East Coast to have some family time.

(NOLA friends, come out and see me at the book par-tays, it's way more fun that way.)

So back to the studio and those lyrics... I will not spill my guts out... Nah, I totally will. It's at least half the reason I write this blog. And if songwriters can do it and no one questions them, then surely I can too. 

Hope you guys are enjoying lots of spiked egg nog and all your own beautiful December things.



*photos are not my own, credits over on my pinterest page



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