Travel Diary: ¡CELEBRACIÓN!


One of the most fantastic experiences of my time in Spain happened in my final week there. The Feria de la Virgen de la Cruz, from my perspective, can only be likened to Mardi Gras. Daily parades, all night dancing in the streets, food and cocktails on every corner... a whole community coming together to celebrate.

Of course, the biggest difference was the attire.

As a girl that works in fashion I certainly understand getting dressed up. But this - this type of dress was on a different level. I couldn't help but follow these beautiful creatures around to get an up close view of these stunning dresses, each custom made for the woman who wore it. Similar to the dresses of the courts of Carnival, these garments were made for a singular occasion, and were impeccably crafted by the best couturiers.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves.


Here in New Orleans, this coming weekend we'll get a chance to have our own Spanish style celebration. On Friday night at the New Orleans Museum of Art join me and The Southern Coalition of Fashion & Design for ¡CELEBRACIÓN! NOMA, as we celebrate the final weekend of Behind Closed Doors: Art in the Spanish American Home, 1492-1898.

Ladies: wanna get that flamenco spirit without having to go all the way to Spain? it's about the ruffles, a heavy dose of flair and the boldest colors and tones. And, for the record - I am suggesting you invest in your lingerie. In my opinion pretty things underneath can make one feel absolutely stellar on the outside.  Here's a few things I'm loving.

 Hasta luego my friends, hope to see you all Friday night!


Andi Eaton

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