And The Boys Are Neutral

Neutrals 2

“It's a secret code," said Calvin.

"Girls are not not like boys. If a boy wants to kill you, he says 'I'm going to kill you.' If a girl wants to kill you, she says, 'We need to talk.' That's the code."

I gasped. "Has a girl ever wanted to talk to you?" I asked. 

"Yup," said Calvin.

"How come you're still alive?" I asked.

"I vomited," said Calvin.”

Neutrals 3

Today I'm borrowing from the boys. A trouser short, an oxford shoe, yes, oui, si boys.

And an attitude of simplicity and straightforward-ness. And like another Calvin, I'm craving a moment of neutral, neutral aaaaand neutral.

 I'm like a chameleon and dressing for my surroundings.

white skies, banana leaves on the browned out fall out, the blackest rain clouds // today maybe not tomorrow

Neutrals 1

Neutral 4

I'm also borrowing from my stylist life, testing out a few new approaches to on the go dressing.

Try it. Feels nice.

(And before we go let's have a moment of silence for Calvin #1, he shouldn't take us girls so seriously.)

*opening story Lenore Look, Alvin Ho: Allergic to Birthday Parties, Science Projects, and Other Man-made Catastrophes