Photo Preview: Wanderful! Route 66 and The Western Deserts

We're a day away from the "Wanderful" release! I'm over here with the biggest butterflies ever. I promised final previews of the remaining chapters. So here we go!

Chapter 5 is Route 66 and 6 is the western deserts of White Sands and Joshua Tree! I'll share the final three chapters next (featuring New Orleans, Savannah, Nashville and my favorite little towns in Montana) and if I haven't convinced you yet to get that pre-ordered copy or hit your local bookshop I don't know what will! 😉  Photos for these two chapters were shot by Allister, Keiko and Ben shot much of the desert chapter too (Allister's are the Route 66 chapter and the first one in the Desert chapter, Keiko shot the photo of Allister and then Ben's photos are the last 3 here!) 

Much love for riding this wave with me, celebration commences tomorrow!

Wanderfully yours,


Route 66

Way Out West