An (Un)Belief in Happy Accidents

Oui We A Color Story

A dandelion rose:

Under the spell of a 5 a.m. full moon and

a blur that comes an hour and 57 minutes of clock ticking time later she woke, again.  

She lived each night begging for a coaxing by the sun, 

swaying from luring with syrup yellow and lucidly driving thorns into story covered fingers all the same.

I'm not so sure that I should call this post a travel post. Perhaps traveling back in time a little bit. I used to spend my nights, sometimes days anxiously scribbling, typing, brain dumping the ideas that came slamming through my mind. 

I never considered myself a writer, and when I became one a good warm up was to let these mind wanderings take shape as little stories. The words I create need the imagery, the imagery needs the words, I'm never quite sure which inspires the other.

In the present, on this particular day Ben and I wandered for an afternoon at the Botanical Gardens. I sipped rosé, and lingered below the sun flair. Snapping photos in a harsh light, creating happy little accidents. 

He by the way, is the happiest accident I can ever imagine. 

Last night over drinks with a cousin I haven't seen since in a while, I talked about how Ben and I met. I told the story, but the part I left out was when I glanced across a room, his eyes catching mine. I left out how I knew that moment was never an accident at all.

I haven't looked away from Ben since, the prickly rose thorn of a girl I could be before him took flight like the seed puff on a dandelion.

p.s. I think sometimes I'll come back to sharing these little mind wandering stories like I used to. It feels good to me, so maybe you too?

p.p.s. I love you guys forever for reading. And those that were reading those stories summers ago, when all I could do was drink wine and wander off to the next little adventure, I'm so glad you're still here.

By the way, Nashville darlings: if you want to experience your own Springtime spell go visit Cheekwood Estate & Gardens.

By the numbers there's 103,100 tulips, 20,000 + daffodils, and the same number of violets and pansies. There's a beer garden and space to picnic and I'm grateful for the ushering in of Spring feels those bloom create.  

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Andi Eaton

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