Get Out Of Your Element

It's that end of summer mountain magic.

Growing up I was a beach girl, and a city girl ... these road trips to the National Parks have my synapses firing differently. It's good to change it up.

Often it's so easy to do the things we've done before, we get comfortable with the "known." Even when it comes to travels and vacations it's our human nature to pick the places we have a familiarity with.

Get curious about newness. 

Traveling is meant to free the spirit and reduce the overwhelm ya know? However, when we get out of our element often that's when that uncertainty can set in. That thing about me being a beach girl... well it meant that given the opportunity and the choice, I often chose my travel destinations based on my norm. Not anymore.

This year as I took on the responsibility that came with writing a book about traveling it meant getting out of my element. And what happened when I decided to do that? I fell fully in love with places I wasn't expecting.

Mountain hikes can be tough, btw. The air is thin, temperatures change with the elevation, there's an edge I'd never quite felt roaming my usual seaside haunts. And - as that edge begins to wear off, that's when the magic shows up. As we wrapped this hike, we turned the corner to begin our journey home and all of a sudden, directly ahead through the forest clearing: a rainbow bigger than I'd ever seen and papa moose less than 5 feet in front of us.

I truly encourage you guys to get out of your comfort zone when choosing your next travel destination. There's so much to see and feel out there.

Big thanks to Banana Republic for dressing me for this particular day in the Rockies. On this hike Ben and I were huffing and puffing all the way up the mountainside. The quality of the fabrics make for a big difference when the climate changes by the hour and, I'm pretty obsessed with this particular denim jacket. It's perfect for outdoor adventures and transitions perfectly for city nights too.



Banana Republic compensated me for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.