Wanderful Travels: Heading Out West Playlist

Hi guys,

It's so great to be out West again. Today is the 100th birthday of the National Park Service and we'll be celebrating in Rocky Mountain National Park. On our road trip back in May we traveled from the border of Mexico all the way up to Canada. 20+ days on the road and you better bet we spent a lot of time listening to music and making playlists along the way.

"A Wanderful Life" will include recommendations on books to read, movies to watch and playlists for each trip that'll be featured too.

Out here in the Rocky Mountains we're doing lots of scenic drives, and even if you're not out on a mountain drive a solid road tripper's playlist can make even the afternoon commute feel like an adventure. Follow along over on Spotify!

Summer's almost over, cheers to end of the season travels, and btw if you missed it - for you Southerners here's 3 last minute travels I know you'll love! And to my fellow road trippers, let me know - what are you guys listening to on the long hauls?