Rock Walls and Waterfalls

The film reel kept on spinning ... click, click, click ... and on the final frame they were there together sharing a heaving forest air.

I'm pretty certain I've seen a polaroid photo of my mother in this exact outfit circa 1978. And in the meantime, I can't think of a better way to spend a day than outdoors, exploring new places, with your best person. After those Western state travels and a long stopover in Nashville (I promise I'll have a Western state travel diary coming soon!) I'm finally home in New Orleans. Last night Chelle and I went out to see Royal Teeth in Lafayette Square. It's nice to be home again ... spring weather and spending time with my people.

Ben and I ventured out to Montgomery Bell State Park right outside of Nashville before heading back. We hiked around until we found this secluded little spot ... rock walls and waterfalls.

I finally had an opportunity to wear these 70's cords I found while vintage shopping in Missoula, Montana with some friends out there. I'm planning another trip back once the weather warms a bit. That first trip to Montana solidified one thing: Big Sky country has something special and I'm most definitely including a Montana road trip in my book! Mountains and lakes and a bison range... the absolute norm out there.....

Much love to Ben for being my PNC, taking photos along the way and making these adventures the best they could ever be.