Holiday Cheat Sheet For the Stylish Travelista

This week I've got a holiday cheat sheet coming for you almost every day. Today's round up: gifts for the stylish travelista. Which basically means I combed the internet looking for the exact things that I want in my stocking this year. Know a girl like me? Here's your list you guys. 

For a successful foray into the wilderness here's a (stylish) guide to the wild

I've had a map obsession since I was, oh 7. Most wanderlusters do. 

There's never too many T's. I was terrified of frogs as a child. Might still be. This one's helping me to overcome.

Pendelton blankets and scarves are a must for girls that glamp.

I'm Outta Here. Even her passport holder says so. 

Stay warm. In style. Obsessed with the sweater dresses in GG's holiday collection

Because Glossier, and (outdoorsy) girls run the world. 

Remember your best days at summer camp? Put it on the wall

Build your own beach tent or... buy this one

No matter the destination a girl's gotta have good hair

Here's more to help get your wheels turning.