How to Settle In

Hiyaaa wanderful girls (and boys),

I've been home in our new Nashville home for a full week, Ben's home too and it feels so incredibly good to be here together. We're exploring our neighborhood (baby deer sightings confirmed over on my instastories!) and it's been a nice change from our usual out in the world travels. Making time for early morning adventures and sunset drives seems like the perfect way to settle in.

I leave again Monday for a quick trip to New Orleans, then New York and then I'm off to Paris with Michelle. (!) We're going to visit my little Parisian bf Hailee (oui oui!) and I can't wait to settle into girlfriend time. Send me all the recommendations you guys. What's your favorite hidden Paris gems?


I wore this adorable dress from Personify, a shop in Lakemont, GA catering to the modern bohemian (hand raise emoji right here), to catch a Tennessee sunset the other night. My sweet friend Sam sent me the hat and it feels perfect for these Nashville nights. I just love it out here by the way, and Nashville girls - I can't wait to meet more of you, it's so nice making new friends!

I'm feeling the happiest lately and love and appreciate all of you guys for reading so much!