Summer Stories

“All we have is the story we tell.” 
― Jess WalterBeautiful Ruins

Today is the last day of summer. How could she just leave like this. September 22nd. It's all arbitrary though really. Isn't it? Could be today, or possibly tomorrow. Or the day after yesterday? She'll leave me colorless / breathless, no more candles cutting through the sky. Only white stark nights to come. And how could she think I can breathe like that? 

This was the reality of my mind this morning. 

And then my mind drifted. I think it went to these things next, and possibly in this order:

My Barbie pink mascara tube: how is it that I'm only now discovering that I prefer a curved wand over a straight one? (clearly my profound sadness for summer's abandonment left me quickly).

Lipcolor: Ah! I think I'll wear a shade of sunset lavender today in honor of the new season. (well that should make today extra exciting!).


and in all fairness to me I was getting ready for the day and standing in a fluorescently lit bathroom mirror.

Then it was this....

Coffee: Tomorrow, do I make hot coffee versus iced? WIth the oncoming temperature change? (oh, now we're going deep girl).

Wine: Goodnight Rose, hello Red Blends.

And then finally: what's the last day for snoballs, btw? Isn't it actually summer until the last stand closes?


Well no matter. It's all okay. The orange burn in the sky will fade. The stories of summer will swim away with the nights, and all that we have left, will be our stories.

Until next year sweet summer! Promise you'll always write.


p.s. in regards to the opening quote... I read Beautiful Ruins this summer. Truly my only fiction read all summer and, wow, the inspiration from that book is major. The writing. Simply stellar. Definitely read it, it'll extend the final days of summer for you. And then, don't blame me when you find yourself traversing the Italian Coast in a fishing boat. 




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