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Me! At Cummins Fall, outside of Nashville, TN


Hi guys,

A little inner thoughts from a pretty September afternoon here in Nashville...

After writing my first book last summer a million little sparks went off in my head about what was next. I found myself reflecting, looking at the possibilities ahead and the realities in front of me... A lot was changing. Professionally, personally... like major things. Some of those moments were terrifying, things in my life that were 5 + years in the making were all of a sudden, in a blink, no longer there. A completely new world was bubbling up in front of me. 

A little history: I moved to New Orleans working as a senior level executive in the beauty business. I had a fantastic career, loved the people I work with (still do, for that matter) however, my muses, have always been art (and so often, the artist), the stars and travel. My boss at the time knew that, she could see it in me.

And then of course, there’s no city that encourages it’s residents to chase the muse like New Orleans. Anything goes, no one thinks impossible ideas are actually, well, impossible and as a person that's bored by normalcy and perhaps, a bit afraid of it too - New Orleans shook me up, looked me right in the eye and showed me a new way of being. 

So back to last summer - in the spirit of my gypsy grandmother Norma Lou, I studied the constellations, put my luck on a full moon, booked a one-way ticket to the Mediterranean to find that muse and wrote a freaking book ...

Fast forward a year and now I'm working on number 2. And I'm so in love with the process.

In the meantime, I'm sure you've noticed I'm making some big changes on my blog. I hope you all like it and follow along. I'll keep sharing bits and pieces of my favorites in fashion (because, of course, I love a good dress up party), however, I'm sharing stories for every girl (and boy) with a wanderlust spirit too. 

And honestly, I'm spending more time in a Birkenstock than a stiletto these days, so hey, let's see where those Birks can go.

Thanks to so many of you for the support and love, now let's gypsy jet set on to the next destination! 



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