Tropics of Capricorn

Once you have given up the ghosts, everything follows with dead certainty, even in the midst of chaos.
— Henry Miller, Tropics of Capricorn

I've rediscovered my rising sign. And when a Leo learns her rising sign is Capricorn, well that explains some things.  

Also rediscovered my obsession with winter white. If the weather insists on remaining 75 and sunny down in these tropics, I'll dress as if touched by the snow.

And like Mr. Miller says in one of my favorite reads: "I have a microscopic eye for the blemish, which to me constitutes the sole beauty of an object."

And somehow swimming in a bit of degradation my Capricorn will keep rising. 

I'm in process of writing book #2 by the way.... Searching for that grain of beauty under the Earth's dirty surface. I'll be hitting the road again following the muse worthy along her path. 

Merci... I love you all for coming along. 

p.s. I finally made some time to catch up on some Holiday vintage shopping. I found most of these goodies thrifting. The fringe-y poncho is from Bloomingdeals, a thrift shop in my neighborhood, scored for $5. My clogs are Free People, picked up at a resale shop in West Hollywood last summer. I love a good winter white poncho, here's a few that are great for looking (because let's get real about that Row bajillion dollar version) however I've got a few below that are pretty prices too. 

Oh, and the sunnies? Well. That obsession will never die. (similar here and here.)

photo via my little love Chelle