Bohemian Bungalow: Our Travel Inspired Bedroom Revamp

A few months after moving into our home in Tennessee I received an email from Domino magazine. That’s an email that seriously made me jump out of my chair - I was so excited! The contents of that message stated that they’d like to feature our home, (yes to the yesssss). In the interview they asked me to describe our aesthetic and here’s what I said:

boho bedroom, jungalow style, pallet bed, breakfast in bed

I’d describe my aesthetic as maximal-eclectic collector. I love texture and layers sprinkled with collected personal treasures. I dress the same way I decorate. We both love a lived-in relaxed style with luxe touches.

I still pinch myself when I go back and look at that article.

Over all I loved having our bohemian little abode featured, however there was one room I really felt wasn’t exactly magazine ready, despite it being the room I mentioned as my favorite place in the house! Which room you ask: our bedroom. While the design wasn’t bad I knew I wanted to spend more time making our bedroom have a warm, lived in feel, while incorporating more of our finds from our travels.

Our bedroom isn’t small exactly, however, our closets are incredibly tiny, and so much of what we have lives out in the open.

In the Domino interview the editor commented:

I love your little clothing rack corner. Is that due to space constraints or a desire to show off your favorite objects?

My response:

A bit of both. Our house is a small, two-bedroom bungalow built in the ‘40s and the closets are basically non-existent. I’ve dealt with this before, I lived in a French Quarter loft apartment years ago in New Orleans and took the same approach.

Vintage dresses and beautiful pieces hang on the rack that’s visible to visitors and the less beautiful things go in the closets. It certainly makes getting dressed fun in the morning! We have two small closets in our bedroom so things like shoes, denim, and bags are tucked away while the more luxurious pieces hang in view.

Here we are many months later and while I still feel this space is a work in progress, there’s been some changes that I’m excited to share that truly have made it one of my favorite rooms in our house and one that I don’t mind have photographed!

I honestly say to Ben at least once a week (when we’re both home at least!): “I LOOOOOVE waking up in this room.”

breakfast in bed, bedroom makeover, jungalow style, plant style

Here’s the updates we’ve made!

  1. More Plants!

    We have plants in every single room of our house, however, the bedroom had the least. We added plants to each corner and little cactuses and succulents throughout. The cool thing about our new platform bed (more on that below) is that the headboard incudes space for little collections of things. For me that little collection is plants!

junglaow style, mini makeover, bedside table, table styling

2. A New Eco-Friendly Platform Bed

Our old bed platform was a hand-me-down, our new one is from Pallet Bedz Co. The concept seemed super cool to both Ben and I and we loved the idea of taking recycled pallets and turning them into something that could be used as furniture. Rather than doing it ourselves we found Pallet Bedz and voila! We’ve got something natural, green and truly creative!

boho bedroom, jungalow style, maximalist

3. Luxury Bedding

Something that Ben and I both agreed that we wanted was eco-friendly luxury bedding. I took a deep dive on the internet and found Avocado Green Mattress. The company was founded by a husband and wife team with a goal of making natural mattresses and pillow that are better for the people that sleep on them and the planet too. We chose the queen size pillows (we’ll definitely be investing in a mattress soon too!) all of which are handmade in California without polyurethane foams, memory foams, chemical flame retardants, or chemical adhesives between the comfort layers. 

Bedroom mini makeover // see more at

4. Color & Texture from Our Travels

During our time in Mexico I was truly obsessed with the burnt orange and vibrant red hues that we saw in everything from the architecture and textiles and also in the color of the sky at sunset and the dusty hills in the landscape. The two rugs we hung on the wall were from an artisan market in San Miguel. They remind me every day of that experience!

Bedroom mini makeover // see more at
Bedroom mini makeover // see more at

This room truly feels like home to me now. Our nightstand are piled high with books we each love, the art tells a story and there’s little moments of reflection throughout the space. I’m sure I’ll change it all again soon, but for now it feels so perfect! There’s a full list of credits below! Let me know if you have questions or need ideas for your own space, I’ll be happy to help however I can!

Wanderfully yours,



boho bedroom, mini makeover, luxe style, jungalow style, plant magic

Yarn Dyed Cotton Blanket: Target

Bed: Pallet Bedz Company

Queen Pillows: Avocado Green Mattress

Decorative Pillows: Similar Here

“Lovers” Painting: Artist Morgan Johnston

Black & White Photograph: estate sale find


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