Oui, We Love: A Season of Change

Oui We Loves: Unicorn Magic

I expected to go into this Solar Eclipse with feelings of change pressing hard against me. That's what happens with eclipses you know! My sister said to me the other night that she was considering staying in and hiding from the coming eclipse, my response? It doesn't matter if you hide away, it's already in motion and will be what it is no matter where you choose to be. Right? Right. 

As Susan Miller says "eclipses are wild cards", some of the most dramatic tools to get us to pay attention to areas of our lives that need change. 

Man is that feeling real right now. With the current events of the world continuing to unfold as they do, everyday brings new feelings... real human feelings with a serious amount of depth, and I for one agree with Gala Darling, who wrote in her last email newsletter "you are not insane if you're feeling afraid, anxious, nauseous, or mad as hell... If you're feeling that way, you know what? Your moral compass is intact.

My hope is that this coming Solar Eclipse will create bigger movement. I hope it will give rise to monumental events that will really move those that have been sedentary through this political unrest. I expect it will force us to confront our issues, and I hope that it will move us into conversations of peace and love. Optimistic? Maybe. And there's surely days when I'm not. But when I step back and remind myself that living for the possibility of an inspired future, well it's really the only way I can operate.

So in the meantime, let's demonstrate compassion and care for everyone around us and be vigilant in not allowing darkness to rise up. It's up to each of us, and - as we've all been reminded this last week, doing nothing is doing something and I for one don't want to be on the side of that. 

Here's 5 things inspiring love and happiness over my way in the meantime.

The August Meteor shower! If you missed the peak this past weekend, there's still some viewing to be done leading up to the Eclipse. It's a good prelude for what's to come on Monday, so take a blanket and a little wine outside and stare at the sky. 

The Goddess Provisions subscription box. August's box is Unicorn themed and packed full of meditative goodness. I had my chakras cleansed on my birthday (what an amazing gift, love you Ben!) and while today was the last day to order this box every month offers high vibe goodness.

Insecure on HBO. Because laughter isn't called 'the best medicine' for nothing, and watching Issa Rae create personal raps about her life is kind of way awesome. Also, we should all have a Molly / Issa friendship in our lives. 

This version of Tainted Love. By Gloria Jones. How did I not know that this was the original?! Well, after a rainy attempt at a concert outing tonight I caught this on the way home and am soooo glad I did. 

Gold Coast Dreaming. Okay I might be biased, but I'm so incredibly proud of Ben and his band mates on this new project. By the way, the guys in the band have all been long time friends of both Ben's and mine too - but separately from each other... like before we even knew each other!? Wild right. 

Okay. That's it for now. Love you all for being here. 

Follow along on insta on Monday as I host my Eclipse Party and first Wanderful book event! Yay!

Wanderfully yours,



Andi Eaton

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