Plan Your Own Mystical Slumber Party

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I shared a cheat sheet last week before the full moon and had so much feedback on how much you guys love the idea of adult slumber partying! Yay, I LOVE the idea too and kinda want to spend the rest of the summer hosting grown up sleepovers. I thought it would be fun to expand this a little bit and give you guys some additional ideas for your own mystical night in. In true Oui We style today's post is all about living out your fullest bohemian fantasies! It's truly the perfect way to spend these slow, magical summer nights.

For this party checklist (and because no good mystical slumber party is complete without wine) I've partnered with Notable Wines.

I worked with Notable to create my House Warming Party Checklist and am happy to work with them again on this post! I'm definitely in a Chardonnay summer mood lately and this brand is refined, expressive and accessible too - perfect for a mystical slumber party. So let's get started, here's how to host your own mystical magical (grownup) sleepover.

1. The Mystical Mama Wardrobe:

To get started, you've got to dress the part. Since this is a slumber party make sure you and your guests are dressed in comfy PJs or other gypsy style attire. Colorful silk pajamas, oversized sleep shirts, and mumus are totally welcomed. On your invitation include a note about what to wear. 

Flower Child

Another fun option would be to make a trip to your favorite local thrift shop and stock up on oversized vintage dresses so everyone can play dress up throughout the night. Hang the dresses on a rolling rack and instruct the guests to choose their own attire when they arrive. 

Boho Closet

2. Set the Mood

The next step is to create that I Dream Of Jeannie ambiance. Set up camp in your living room with plenty of floor pillows, colorful blankets and tapestries to get cozy in, and then light up the sage and palo santo! Get your old lava lamp out and throw a scarf over a lampshade for extra enchantment points.

Sage and Crystals

3. Wine Time

Now that you’re dressed and the vibe is set, its time for some spirit in the form of wine! Wines vary in style, region, and taste, yet most labels don’t define the delightful flavor you’re about to sip. What I love about Notable (besides how yummy it is!) is how elegantly the bottle showcases the taste on the label, all you have to do is follow the flavor notes (it makes the wine aisle much less confusing I think!)! I love the fruity and crisp variety, and there's an oaky and buttery option too - for my party I'll have both available. 

Wine Time with Notable
Wine Time with Notable

Bonus tip: If you're hosting your party on the night of the full moon party make a moon inspired cheese tray to start with - everyone knows the moon is made of cheese … isn't it? 🌝  Pair the cheese with circular-cut meats and round "full moon" crackers and then serve classic moon pies for desert.

Moon Pies

4. Spiritual Entertainment

Your mystical slumber party would be totally incomplete without some sort of spiritual entertainment. Read each other's astrological birth charts, or play with a deck of Tarot Cards and pull out your fortune telling book for fun (I've been sharing mine on my instastories, I'm obsessed with it!). It’s time to see what the future holds!

Create a playlist and pile your records up and and let your guests DJ to inspire them to groove to the beat of their inner free spirit. 

5. Dreamy DIYs

On the evening itinerary make time for DIY dream catchers or flower crowns for everyone to take home as a souvenir from the night. Dreamcatchers can be crafted from excess fabric, beads, feathers etc. and will prolong the good vibes! Flower crowns are easy too - either pick up fresh flowers or faux works fine - just add a wire and hot glue gun.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this! Definitely share your own magical slumber parties with me! I can't wait host my own, and of course, follow along on instagram to see the behind the scenes. xo!

Wanderfully yours,





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