Conscious Consumerism


Conscious Consumerism

Something that's been on my mind more this last few weeks than ever: conscious consumerism. Every time we decide to spend our dollars we're making a statement. A statement that we support that company's values, ethics and mission.

In my travels I'm always on the hunt for trinkets to take home to remind me of those travels. I've always been mindful of shopping local, supporting local artisans, avoiding fast fashion... and lately I've adopted a rule of adding pieces to my collection that come from brands doing things to give back.
A good shopping tip to adhere to before buying something new: stop for a moment and ask - where was this made, whose hands assembled it? As you guys know, I'm also a vintage and thrift lover - pairing repurposed clothing with ethically crafted designs truly tell a fashion story I can get behind.


Over on instagram I'm running a little contest this week in partnership with Jimani Collections. Each  pieces is handcrafted with love from Kenya! Empowering women and artisans, creating sustainable societies, it's a part of their mission, and I hope you'll share their message with a friend over on my page!

photos: my sweet Ben, who just put out a little punk noise grunge protest EP over on his site. It's a good listen to get a little rage out. 😬 🎸

Here's a few other pieces from brands I'm loving with a commitment to values that align with mine.

Wanderfully yours,