Stones and Strands

Lately I've been extra obsessed with stones and strands. You know, the jewels that take an outfit to the next level. I've always been a vintage lover (as you all know!) and I typically only pick up new gems when I'm out traveling. Wearing something special is a good way to have a little reminder of the places you've been... 

Separately, I've had my ears pierced with 3 holes on either side since I was a preteen, I added a 4th hole while listening to black metal when I was like 16... REBEL! 

However, my latest addition, this sweet little ear cuff is the variety that doesn't require any new piercings. LOVE THAT PART (I'm definitely not that same wild child I was at 16). 

Anyways, thought I'd share these little beauties with you guys, in case you might be looking for something similar. I've got a special code at the jewelry house Stone & Strand (where I found this cuff) for 15% off. The code is ANDI15. Advanced apologies (or perhaps a you're welcome) when you decide you love everything on the site. 

Another rule for me when hunting for new pieces is to shop local markets for indie designer brands that have a story and - secondly - to shop makers that are doing something special to give back. The other pieces I'm wearing here are from Blue Annie, a brand that caters to my modern bohemian style. Each of the pieces is made with such attention to details and with each piece sold a portion of the proceeds goes back to organizations that support women. Big win all around!

I've always been of the mindset that you can't go wrong layering on a few extra jewels. Sweet little baubles turn even the gloomiest days around. (And of course, Ann Bancroft's character, Miss Dinsmore, in Great Expectations has always been my style icon, so, well.... that surely explains something).



Here's a few more ear cuffs I'm loving too. Definitely want every single one!