3 Holiday Ensembles For (My Imaginary) Holiday Parties

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As the sun goes down on another winter day (it was 4:18 as I started to type this) I find myself leaving my desk a little early, cozying up with a hot toddy and scrolling through the instagrams admiring my beautiful friends attending the most glamorous holiday parties. Le sigh. 

With a week to go before Christmas Eve, and New Year's a minute behind that I'm finally starting to feel the itch to join in the festivities. Maybe it was getting our tree up (that's me up there, tree shopping earlier this week) or maybe it's the Yule Log that's on repeat on our Amazon Prime, but up to this point I've been content to live vicariously through those photos, you know, imaginary party attendance basically. 

If I had it my way I'd convince myself that leaving the house when it's below 60 degrees is bad for one's health and therefore I'd absolutely never, ever make it to a holiday soirée. The good news however, is that I have friends and a bf that fare at least slightly better in the below freezing temperatures and order me to leave the house. 

This week I've finally gotten out - I've attended two holiday parties and in each case as I took a little time to get ready for the night (i.e. peel off the pajamas that have become my home office attire) I was reminded that fashion was actually my first love! And, if I'm not going to be out glamping on a beach for the holidays (by the way, anyone want to send an RV to pick me up?!) then at least I can get in the game and dress things up a bit.

In all honesty, half the reason I've committed to party attendance is this beret and my new velvet booties. I found both on WOZNOW. I went a little overboard so pretty much every outfit I'm wearing centers on one of these two pretties or something I found in scrolling their hat or boot category.

In the spirit of the season I've put together 3 ensembles that are perfect for sipping egg nog while Mariah or Cee-Lo rock out the Christmas jams. 

 As a recovering thrift store junkie and die hard vintage lover when I don't have time to deep dive into those racks I prefer the sale section on the sites of my favorite brands. And, honestly, I'm not a girl to hunt too hard so this site has been my go-to this season in planning my holiday outfits. 

Outfit 1

I told you. The beret is pretty magical. And no one else is going to have it. (Unless you tell them, so shhhh). And ever since Gucci brought the pussy bow out in full force I can't stop, won't stop.  

Outfit 2

Look 2 is one part harajuku one part ugly Christmas sweater, because we're all going to that type of party at least once right? If not, we should be. 

Outfit 3

Since I've returned from Paris I've been in a serious all black errrthing mode. Or maybe it's because half the girls in Nashville channel the female version of Johnny Cash so well. Either way, here's look 3, and possibly the easiest to pull together in a rush.

Alright, that's it for today. And it's 5:44 as I wrap this thing. Sun's wayyyy down, toddy's coming wayyyyy up.




Andi Eaton

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