Cross My Heart

cross my heart
and hope to die
stick a needle in my eye
wait a moment,
i spoke a lie
i never really
wanted to die.
but if i may
and if i might
my heart is open
for tonight

These sunnies tell quite a story:

 “Cross My Heart / Hope to Die / Stick A Needle / In My Eye”

… And the poem, well that level of commitment to keeping a secret or holding something close… that level of loyalty despite the fear of a needle to the eye!? ...ride or die, same idea ya know - we all gotta have those people, right?!

I find the more "life" I experience the more loyalty is an attribute I truly appreciate. (Although no needles to the eyes IRL guys.) Ben and I were having a conversation right before Christmas, discussing the attributes most important to each of us in a friend and in a partner; my friend LL and I have this convo fairly often too .... It's important to share these things, I think.

Anyways, snapped these photos exploring the Bywater a few days ago. It truly never gets matter where I live on this Earth - I've got a loyalty to this place... it'll always hold a place in my heart as home.

p.s. I found this sweet little Japanese vintage dress in Nashville. The shop Any Old Iron houses a vintage boutique, Opium Vintage, and one of their specialties is Japanese vintage. In all my travels I don’t think I’ve experienced a place in which I literally wanted just about every single piece.

The fit of this particular style is absolutely perfect. I’m committed to saving my pennies and treating myself to an Opium Vintage piece on every visit to Nashville. (Not that the pieces are super price-y, I’m just in a bit of a downsizing the closet mindset…) The more I travel, the more I’m hyperaware of only buying and keeping things that are either a. sentimental or b. necessary.

If you can't make it to Opium, here's some options to recreate the look. 



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