Wanderful is a highly curated travel guide that includes destinations like Joshua Tree, New Orleans, Marfa, and Santa Fe.
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Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian’s Guide to Traveling in Style by Andi Eaton is for all you wanderlusts out there. If you follow along with Andi on Instagram, you know she’s one of the most dreamy travel and style babes out there right now. Her new book (on sale Sept. 12) is a gorgeous lookbook sure to inspire your travel bug!
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A true Renaissance woman, Eaton has used her skills to tell the world about New Orleans’ unique style and to bring the city’s most talented designers into the spotlight.
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Known for debuting fresh looks from some of the most talented southern designers.
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While not discounting the darker side to New Orleans history, Eaton chooses to highlight the positive outcomes of the various subcultures developing amid the alluring veil of the Crescent City. New Orleans Style celebrates the contributions of all players from streetwalkers to debutants, enslaved peoples to Europeans, Cajuns, Africans and Creoles to what is often referred to as the “northernmost Caribbean city.
Andi is one of those people who you can’t hang out with without asking where ALL her accessories are from (and they are always vintage … ugh!). She has an incredible eye for design and is my number one travel advisor!
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It seems that everything she works on is a reflection of her joyful and whimsical personality.
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Eaton lives in a two-bedroom bungalow (built in the ‘40s) with her boyfriend Ben Alleman, who also professionally wanders, playing with Ryan Adams on tour, as well as in his own band, “Pet Fangs.” Together, the two have created a home that seamlessly blends their style, shows off some serious vintage scores, and puts their favorite items (and memories) from their many travels on display.
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Always a muse, Andi Eaton stood out each night (of Fashion Week) with her array of edgy-and-artsy ensembles. Follow Andi’s blog for more on her fearless fashion.
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Take one glance at Andi Eaton’s blog, Oui We, and it’ll become instantly clear that the Nashville creative views the world around her through a dreamy, wistful lens. Eaton spent the last year road tripping through the US, documenting the fashionable free spirits and wanderers she met along the way. Their stories are all compiled in Eaton’s new book, Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian’s Guide to Traveling in Style, though it can be argued that none are quite as inspiring and charming as the author herself.
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Some ladies seem immune to the suffocating moisture in the air - and no, they don’t wield some magical power that makes their hair and makeup stronger than ours. What’s their secret? We decided to find out. Ahead, five women from some of the United States’ most humid cities share their tips. With their advice, your look will never melt into a pile of goo again - even on a subway platform.
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Is fashion your passion? If so, then Andi Eaton is the one you will see making her chic way around town. The chief instigator of her fashion blog, creative director of New Orleans Fashion Week and designer of Hazel & Florange - Eaton is one to watch.
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