Continuity & Change

Continuity & Change brought to you by Oui, We by new contributor: Kari Erickson

Oui We has become THE hub for the modern bohemian: fashion, beauty, lifestyle and, of course, travel. We have you covered for all aspects of creative expression. And now, as so many of us are tuning into our spiritual needs and how they feed directly into creativity, we find ourselves devoting more and more time to exploring spirituality and mysticism on the site.

So, allow me to introduce a new column to Oui We. Continuity & Change will explore how the modern bohemian lifestyle brings us back to our unshakeable, unchanging authentic core, even as it pushes us to evolve into our better selves. Here, to kick off the column and introduce the concept is its author, writer, producer and fellow wellness devotee, Kari.

I’ve been a fan of Oui We for so long; who doesn’t want to live life on the road with their musician boyfriend, exploring some of the world’s coolest, most beautiful places? But when Andi launched her “mystication” concept, it resonated on a whole other level. The idea of mystication fits perfectly with how I’ve used travel (and all the other aspects of the mod-boho lifestyle) as a tool to both better know my true self and push the boundaries of who I think I’m supposed to be. I love this idea that travel brings us expansion on the spiritual plane.

Obviously exploring new places exposes us to new ideas, new foods, new cultures, new visuals. But can it also bring us back to something old deeply within us? Can travel both open us up to the new and also connect us to something very old? I’m obsessed with this idea of continuity and change, and in this series on Oui We, I’ll be delving into how everything from travel to wellness practices to fashion to creativity embodies these two concepts and therefore bring us back to our true, unchanging selves even as they support our evolution.

Like Andi, I’ve spent the last...decade? Longer? Let’s just call it all my adult years - I’ve spent these interested in creativity, travel, style and wellness. For the last 15 years or so, my primary focus has been healing the hormonal and digestive issues that have quietly dominated my life. I now understand that these imbalances were, in part, manifestations of deeper issues from childhood and adolescence relating to wanting to be seen, acknowledged and loved for my authentic self. Though I’d found some level of healing through exploring diet and lifestyle practices, it wasn’t until I became a mother that I had the ability to explore these issues consciously and to heal on a deeper level. 

This all began to unfold in 2015 when, with a one-year-old in tow, I produced a podcast that focused on wellness and food with a semi-skeptical bent (Life Butter Radio, which I gave up once I fell pregnant with twins, is still available on iTunes if you are curious). I found that as I had conversations with people I greatly admired (and whose products I enjoyed consuming - hello Claire Ptak & e5 bakehouse!), I realized the limitations of looking at wellness through this external lens. I discovered the work of Lacy Phillips, among others, and began to delve into the lessons and gifts of motherhood. This is where things began to shift (and, in the spirit of honesty, are still very much shifting for me).

I’m now in a phase where I am considering pretty much everything in my life as an agent of support for my authentic, unchanging self and a tool for my evolution. This extends to the make-up I use, the clothes I wear, my creative pursuits, the way I parent and the lifestyle practices I manage to smash into my busy schedule. I don’t know if I’ll always be as mindful of my choices. In many ways, I kind of hope not - I hope this is a phase that will teach me so much but will, eventually, once I’m over the hump of the learning curve, leave me in a place where I know what I need and crave so well that supporting myself takes less mental and physical energy (leaving me more time for, say, Netflix or meals out with friends). But while I am learning about myself, learning what I need, trying to create a conscious life that supports both continuity and change, I want to share my experiences, as I know that so much of my personal experience reflects the collective.

Join me in celebrating our amazing, authentic, unchanging selves even as we evolve into our (hopefully) greater, finer, kinder and more supportive selves. This is Continuity & Change.

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