Packing List for Minimalist Travel

Hi wanderlusters! We're back today with another cheat sheet. This one is for those of you interested in packing light. 

Minimalist traveling doesn't have to be difficult, or leave you feeling like you're out of the fashion game. Susanna's tips below (and the cheat sheet) will ensure you've got everything you need to be your chicest self on your next adventure. 

Minimalist Traveling

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What Oui Wear: Minimalist Traveling

Only pack things you love to wear. Not the “eh, maybe I’ll wear this one” pieces. You’ll wear your favorites over and over again, different ways, which is what you want to keep in mind when packing light. Always bring a few of your favorite basics that can be worn multiple times. Think tank tops that can go with everything. Throw in a pair of shorts, and you can swap the color tanks each day. Throw them on with a skirt or jeans, add some jewelry and a jacket for night. The best thing to keep in mind is to pack a couple of tops that can be matched with a couple of bottoms, and mix and match them throughout your time traveling.

Stay away from a brand new outfit each day. Save this for when you’re home. When you’re on the road (or plane), you’ll be so thankful for a minimalist wardrobe instead of dragging around a heavy bag stocked with clothes you’ll only end up wearing a few of anyway. Below are a few items to pack to get you in the right mindset for mixing items and re-wearing with a few tweaks. When you’re mixing around your favorite clothes, you’ll be confidently dressed in a matter of minutes and out the door to do what you’re traveling for - exploring.

Little Black Dress

You can wear it casual for the day, then throw on a jacket for the night, add a statement necklace, and you’re good to go. Take that same dress, tie a belt around it, or add a cardigan/kimono, your other pair of packed shoes, and you’ve turned it into a new day outfit.

Maxi/Midi Dress

This dress is so easy to wear flowing and light during the day, then with a little jewelry and lipstick, you can go straight into the night with it.


One pair of jeans. Preferably dark as they can go from day to night flawlessly. Mixing shirts, you’ll find this is really all you need.


Practical and cute to wear on your back while out and about traveling and sightseeing. Get a flashy one where you can sling it over your shoulder at night for an instant gorgeous purse. Two purses in one. Done.

Leather Jacket

Nothing takes any daytime outfit to instant nighttime cool like a leather jacket. That day dress you’ve been in, that t-shirt and jeans/cutouts, throw a leather jacket on and hit a restaurant or night spot and you’re instantly put together. Let this be your go to jacket for traveling. Best to keep it down to one jacket when it’s summertime travelling. You’ll find that’s really all you need. Not several options “just in case.”

Extra Outerwear

This one isn’t a jacket. This is one extra item that can be used multiple times to change up an outfit, or have something to drape over you when the warm nights get a little cool. Think kimonos or cardigans.


Throw on some lipstick and this big thin scarf to wrap around your neck or shoulders and you have a quick upgrade to a night outfit. Tie it around your neck to give any of your day outfits a new look.


Easy to sleep in (minus the leather version), lounge in, and throw under a dress. Take one of your tank tops you’ve packed, and you’re good to go.


Match your outfit to your shoes. That way you’ll know you have a pair of shoes for everything. Pick two pairs of shoes that can go with your packed color scheme. (Three if you really need them, but no more. Shoes take up way too much room.) A nice ankle boot that can work for both night and day can cut down on heels if you don’t really need them. A pair of tennis shoes that can go with both day, and a casual night. And for that third pair, sandals for the summer, or a nice wedge to wear in place of heels. The less shoes the better.

I’ve heard this tip many times, and found it to hold true since no matter how lightly I pack, I still somehow don’t wear all the items. Once you have everything picked out, bite the bullet and take away too items that you really won’t need. They’re in there. You’ll be glad for the extra room once you’re on the road. Another bonus to keep in mind when you’re traveling is to keep in mind the amazing stores you’re bound to run across - you'll want to add to your wardrobe while shopping. So don’t overpack so you can leave plenty of room for some exciting finds.

Cheat Sheet by Susanna

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