10 Shows and Movies For a Girl Power Night

By Elise Genoux

The weekend is here and we’re all about celebrating International Women’s Day all day everyday. For the homebodies out there how about throwing a girls-night-in movie party in honor of all the girls that run the world?! Sometimes nothing sounds better than a night in with girlfriends, a great movie and some wine.

If this speaks to you, then you are ready to throw THE best Netflix & Chill girls’ night of the year. I’ve created a special list for you and your friends, full of chick flicks and shows for the girly girls and badass babes too.

First step: buy some great wine! In my opinion red wine is for time with our lovers, but on girls’ night, white wine or a good rosé is the drink of choice.

Second, gather up enough blankets for everyone (we’ve linked our favorites below). Who doesn’t have that one friend who is always cold (or maybe it is you!), so have enough blanket to be cozy.

Third, my girls and I usually have some masks and each bring a favorite nail polish. So, if one of us is not fully into the movie she can have a back-up activity and still stay hang out with us without pretending to like the movie.

Let’s dive in to the perfect girlboss list of movies and shows you MUST watch for a great weekend girl’s night.

Gossip Girl

Yes, this is a CLASSIC! But we can all watch the dramatic Blaire Waldorf, the perfect Serena van der Woodsen, the beautiful Nate Archibald and the crazy Chuck Bass; over and over again. If you never watched Gossip Girl, it is time to start! And trust me, as soon as you watch the first episodes you will never turn back. XOXO, gossip girl.

Mamma Mia

This is a movie you can watch over and over too! I don’t know which is the best part: between the songs, the story or just the happy mood it puts you in for hours after watching it. Mamma Mia is a perfect girl’s night movie, and honestly your bae might not want to watch this romance/musical movie with you. Instead of watching it alone, just call your besties and get ready for some tears of joy and sadness.

When We First Met

This is a romantic but fun movie about a man that fall deeply in love of a woman after spending one night with her. The fun part is that he has the ability to travel in time and he is going to use his talent to make her fall in love with him. Let’s be honest, we all want a guy that would travel in time just to have our heart.


This is the movie I saw with my girlfriends last week! We did not know what we were getting into, but this movie was the bomb. Ibiza is the story of a working woman who falls in love with a traveler (and beautiful) DJ. She follows him from Barcelona to Ibiza, and movie kept coming back to the incredible balance between falling in love and having an amazing relationship with your besties. A gem (and written by a female writer from the Funny or Die team loosely based on a real life story)!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This is another fun movie that brings girl power and romance together, Forgetting Sarah Marshall always makes for a great night. It is also the best movie if you still looking for the love of your life and strongly believe that he is out there (and coming soon).


Heads up! This is a little darker and mysterious show than what we’ve talked about above, but this is an amazing show that will bring a lot of scandals to your couch. We LOVE it, especially if we are in the mood to investigate and be a little dramatic.

Jane the Virgin

If you have not started this show, drop everything, head straight to Netflix and start NOW (yes, NOW!). Jane has a crazy life and this show is full of drama, romance, and then drama again. My friends and I are so obsessed! We created a group chat just to talk about what was going on in the show when we could not watch it together.

New Girl

If you think that your group of girls tend to be a little crazy and have a blast talking about boys, New Girl is made for you! We just love the crazy drinking game rules and Jess. Jess if you ever read this , we love you so much.

Orange is the new Black

In honesty the first episodes are a little slow, but as soon as you identify the key characters, this show becomes a blast. After watching this you’ll end up in deep feminism discussions and made some debates too - but we love spirited conversations like this.

The Kissing Booth

This is our last recommendation! Even though it’s a bit more teenage orientated, we still love it. The characters are absolutely adorable and the story is super cute too. If you want to see a real romantic movie, you should go for this one.

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