Quick Bohemian Home Decor

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This week our Nashville home will be featured in one of my seriously all time favorite interiors & home decor magazines. Ouiiiii! I spent weeks and weeks preparing for that photoshoot and today we're sharing tips on how to boho up your own space. I'll be sharing a behind the scenes tour of our home soon (and that feature as soon as it's out) and in the meantime I enlisted Susanna to put together a quick tip sheet to show you guys how to add a little boho flair to your own home.

What is it about walking into a friend’s gorgeous bohemian style house, or getting lost in the stunning imagery of those fascinating homes on instagram that really makes us want to capture a little of that boho spark for ourselves? A boho atmosphere is dreamy, carefree, and wildly magical. It’s the kind of dwelling where you feel your creativity come alive, surrounded in your peaceful, artist sanctuary.

Here are a few tips on creating some boho magic in your own home - or adding to the bohemian style you’re already building.

String Lights

For an instant boho magical feel, try adding some string lights to a room (or two!) in your house. Whether they’re tiny wire fairy lights, or larger edison bulbs, when these lights are twinkling at night, you’ll instantly feel like you’re in your own fantasy world.


The great thing about a boho style is you can mix and match colors and patterns. This is one style where you don’t have to coordinate. In fact, the more colors, the more brilliant your home will shine. Throw a bunch of patterned pillows and large comfy blankets together and nestle down with your friends - or relax alone and let your imagination run wild!


When you fill your home with plants, not only does this already give you a wildchild look, but being in tune with nature, watching your “babies” grow, can bring such peace to your home. Some great houseplants to start out with include english ivy (perfect for creating clean air!), spider plant, aloe vera, various succulents, air plants, etc. Gather together some colorful decorative pots, and you’ve got an interesting boho element going on.

Record Player

Your phone and Alexa provide music at your fingertips, but there’s something extra special about the vintage charm of record players. They add a fun, different look to your home, and collecting records is an exciting hobby on its own. So turn on your string lights, sit back on that couch full of colorful pillows, and enjoy the unique experience that only a record player can truly bring.

Objects from Nature

Sometimes, some of the best touches to your boho home are free. Connect with nature and bring a little of that spirit inside with you. Some shells from your trip to the beach on your nightstand, dried flowers in a vase, a collection of unique rocks, that perfect piece of driftwood...keep your eyes open on your next outdoor adventure and you just might find a new decoration or two.


Upgrade your candles with a few worldly lanterns and watch your rooms glow from various tables and shelves.

Unique Wall Art

Dream catchers, macrame art, travel maps - anything that catches your eye is sure to always have you feeling happy and free spirited each time you look at them. Think of your bohemian decor as if each element serves to tell a story.

Travel Souvenirs

Most importantly, every boho girl knows that some of her most valuable decorations are her treasures picked up on travels. Each place you go, grab something special that speaks to you. That way, everywhere you look in your home, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful memories.

Cheat Sheet by Susanna

Susanna Williams is a creative writer in a variety of media. Spending years in the independent film industry in Los Angeles, she worked in screenwriting before becoming a distributor of festival winning films.
When she's not working with her start up production company in New Orleans, she writes fiction and raises orphaned baby wildlife. 🐒🐻🐱 
She's a huge travel enthusiast with a love for art, fashion, and beauty. (p.s. she wore baby blue velvet booties to her ouiwegirl.com interview. so between that and the baby animal love, clearly, she wins at life.)