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Lately I find that just about anytime I sit down with friends for a leisurely hang out eventually, and often quickly the conversation turns toward the witchy mystical things I’m into lately. Okay, in all honestly, it usually starts with a conversation about what's happening on instagram, then goes to a convo about what's happening in our current skin care routines, and then after the 2nd or 3rd drink (or club soda or Anima Mundi Euphoria elixir in my case) it goes to the writers, poets & musicians that are taking our magical thinking a little higher. 

Material Girl, Mystical World

Material Girl, Mystical World

I love these conversations even more when I’m able to share a modality or woo-woo way of thinking with friends that are open, but maybe just haven’t quite pulled back the curtain yet.

No matter which end of the woo-woo spectrum you land on, I’ve got you covered with this list.

In truth, every book on this list is on my "must read all the time" list, not just for mysticism — these are the tried and true books that keep my head in check when I go a little astray, plus a few new goodies that are quickly making their way onto that list.

My sister, btw, after a long night out with friends, bought like 10 copies (on my Prime account) of #6. She bought them to give to each of her housemates and friends, and then texted me at 2 a.m. to tell me so (she put her cc # in my Prime account if you're wondering) ... anyways it's the type of book that's so good to read with your besties. 

The next day she asked what else is on my reading list. I figured if she wanted it, you might too — and although you might do your book buying during daylight hours, adding to your mystical reading after a night with your best people is kind of never a bad idea. 

Wanderfully yours,


*this post has been updated since the original date of 7/31. we’ll keep adding new favorite books each season.

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