Holiday Gift Guide for the Femme Traveler

The Oui We Holiday Gift Guide includes some of the best beauty sets, travel journals, road-worthy charger kits, and even backpacks for our fashion forward travelers too. Read on for the perfect list for the wanderluster travelista…

Whether you’re looking for something for that femme you know who is constantly on the road, or need to point friends and family to some cute and practical gifts that would be perfect for your next adventure, here’s a list to get you brainstorming on the perfect gifts a traveler would love to have all year long!

Beauty Travel Set

How many times do you find yourself scrounging around grabbing small bottles of this and that to have with you when you’re packing for a big trip? Why not make up your own travel bag, filled with all the essentials (drugstores and makeup stores have a great selection of small products!) for that traveling girl you know? It’s something she’ll not only be excited about. but can always use. If you’re not into making your own, many brands now offer travel sets.

Mini Hair Tools

This is for the traveler that has a business meeting or two to go to, or just wants to look extra nice (like we all do while we’re on the road), but hates lugging around those massive space crowding hair tools.

Portable Charger

Listen, when you’re traveling, the last thing you want to see is your battery at 1%. Keep her safe and make sure she has enough juice to post all her epic pics on insta. Get her one with a cute pattern, and she’ll never be caught without it.

Water Bottle

One can never have too many water bottles. Especially when there are so many gorgeous styles to choose from. This is perfect for the traveler. Ger her a big bottle for camping trips, and a mini one for quick dashes.

Passport Holder & Travel Wallet

With so many gorgeous styles, a passport holder is the perfect gift for her to take on her next big trip. Or if she doesn’t have a travel wallet yet, help her keep everything in order and easy to find with this must have.


This bohemian decor staple is just what she’ll want to see when she’s not on the road. She can pin all the places she’s been, or wants to go, to show off and stay inspired for her next trip. If she just needs a moment to zen out and relax, a scratch map is the kind of unique gift she’ll love.


Every traveler should have one. And if she already does, she’s going to need another when she’s ready to record her next adventure musings.


And then there’s this classic. A gift for a traveler you can never go wrong with. A brand new chic bag to load up all her essentials and treasures next time she’s hitting the road.

Cheat Sheet by Susanna

Susanna Williams is a creative writer in a variety of media. Spending years in the independent film industry in Los Angeles, she worked in screenwriting before becoming a distributor of festival winning films.

When she's not working with her start up production company in New Orleans, she writes fiction and raises orphaned baby wildlife. 🐒🐻🐱

She's a huge travel enthusiast with a love for art, fashion, and beauty. (p.s. she wore baby blue velvet booties to her interview. so between that and the baby animal love, clearly, she wins at life.)

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