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Hope you guys are all having a good start to the year! I'm reporting from my desk that's buried in end of the week work and I'm definitely not wearing this swinging 60's number I shared on instagram a few days back. This post is a little different from my usual actually - I'm sharing a little bit of some of the things I've been working on in my first of the year projects.

Specifically last week I spoke at a Creative Entrepreneurs conference; the attendees were insanely inspiring…. Mostly women, a few gents, all one-woman-show (or man) types of businesses in which they are considered to be experts in their field. They're all in process of launching some sort of online course, some already have existing programs and quite a few have businesses bringing in well over $100k/year. Not too shabby. 

So when I was asked to speak, the request was that I talk about how to build “brand me.” What strategies I used to create my voice, my brand's voice and when launching my first company, or when working with clients what approach I take to get attention. 

I was a little hesitant - in the instagram world it’s easy to feel defeated…. so many brands, especially “brand me’s” out there have upwards of 100k followers - and I’m just tipping the 6k mark. 

However, what’s always been important to me is to stay true to who I am. I'm not the girl to share shopping posts with links to sales... I barely shop sales myself, so that's not my style of fashion. I like art, exploration, adventure, with a little fashion peppered in. And, that’s lead to good little following here (thanks you guys!) and now I’m working on book #2 with a killer publisher (which was my big goal for 2016)!

I got over my moment of imposter syndrome and started planning. As I was preparing for the conference I thought a lot about what’s important to me when creating a post and it’s these thing:

Telling a vibrant story of my travels and experiences through photos and words

Sharing creative self exploration that my readers can identify with

One of the things the conference attendees asked the most about was how to create compelling content on their own blogs and social media pages. 

Sooo many of them told me its was helpful to them (whew!), so I wanted to share my lesson back with you guys here.

However, before I get into the lessons, I've got a list below of my favorite photo editing apps - because before you can start to build a well curated page (and trust me, I look back at some of my stuff and am like.... wutttt was that) you've got to have the right tools.

In full disclosure, I took these photos with my DSLR camera (and I'm definitely no pro) and I am not discounting the power of having professionally shot photos for your business or brand, however, if you're working on the slimmest of budgets, or just want to build a fabulous instagram page these apps will do the trick.

VSCO (Visual Supply Company) - gives your photos a beautiful film like look

A Color Story - brand new and bound to be a game changer, this one creates vibrant whites and enriched color and has a ton of special effect options too

Priime - great for landscapes, created by pro photographers, this one will give you recommendations based on the look you’re trying to achieve

All of the photos I'm sharing in this post were edited with one of these three apps. My go to has been VSCO for a long time, however I'm really digging what's available in the other two.

Once you've got the apps downloaded start playing around and see what you get! Creating compelling content requires great visuals and engaging copy and next week I'll be back to break down my tips around that! In the meantime, I'd love to see what you guys are doing on instagram and on your own blogs with these apps, so be sure to share, follow, tag, all that good stuff!

p.s. if you're interested in having a convo about working with myself and my team on your own brand, feel free to be in touch! 




Andi Eaton

Andi Eaton is a creative director, author, entrepreneur, and cultural influencer in a variety of media. She produces Oui We ( the modern bohemian's guide to everything from travel and style to beauty and holistic wellness. Andi and her projects have been featured on Domino, Glitter Guide, A Beautiful Mess, Southern Living, SELF, Hello Giggles, Refinery 29, WWD, Elle Canada and more; in 2017 she wrapped a year of road tripping throughout the U.S. photographing and documenting travel, style and culture stories available in her new book: "Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style".