Holiday Cheet Sheet for the Beauty Maven

Happy holiday countdown my friends!

I'm here today with another round of holiday help. This cheat sheet is for the beauty maven.

You know, she's that girl that had the shimmering cheekbone highlight game going before the rest of us even bought our first contour kit. She knew the full brow trend was on it's way months before your brow girl mentioned that maybe we should let these fill in a little...  She somehow knows what lip color to wear for every single occasion (I, by the way, tried out a deep dark purple last night, but it was mostly because I'm feeling under the weather and perhaps that shade distracted from the circles under my eyes.) Anyways, on to the list:

Again, I have 5 categories of gifts to choose from! And, every single thing on this list is less than $200. Keeping this wallet friendly you guys.

The Tools

In the beauty world there's something new just about every. single. day. I, for one, believe that the best beauty routine is plenty of sleep, lots of water, a good vitamin regimen, and eating well. So, while you won't find the latest lasers and gadgets here, you will find things to make bath time beautiful (uhm, that shower cap is kind of the best thing ever) plus a few other lovely additions.

The Eyes Have It

Lavishly soft makeup remover, a luscious lash enhancer, a dash of glitter for good measure and a few other goodies that'll keep her eyes bright all season long. 

From the Inside Out

I personally start every day with a smoothie. Ben's mom sent a magic bullet to our new house and we just acquired a juicer on our last visit home and seriously - game changed. On this list I'm obsessed with Beauty Dust by Moon Juice, and most beauty maven's are already in the Caudalie cult, however this particular version is in a portable 30ml bottle - perfect for her tote or desk drawer. The glasses on the end? Well, she's got to have something cute to drink her morning smoothie in of course!

The Masks

If there's one thing you can't go wrong with it's the masks. Every lady loves a good night in with a moisture mask, or a clarifying mask, or a detox mask... or a..... well you get the idea.


If she truly already has every beauty product in the book, something she'll always need one more of is a good nail color. My long time signature color has been a deep navy blue (Lauren Conrad, the Hills... blame her) however during the holidays it's fun to add a splash of sparkle. And, if she's the type that likes to keep it a bit more neutral, the sweet little pink shade is perfect too.

So, voila! There we have it ladies and gents. Beauty round up, complete. The holidaze madness is almost over you guys, and with just 10 days left to shop I've got a few more cheat sheets in store for ya.

Until then, be well wanderlusters.





Holiday Cheat Sheet for the #GirlBoss

Hi guys,

Back again with the second holiday cheat sheet of the week. This one is full of covetable finds for the #girlboss in your life. And, if you're like me, you're likely to have these ladies all around!

There's 5 categories of gifts to choose from! And, every single thing on this list is less than $200. Score. Scoooorrreeee.

The Electronics

Every girl boss has a bajillion gadgets. So, accessories for those gadgets always make a good gift. Here's a few that will make even the longest work hours feel joyous because these pretties dress those phones, computers and things wayyyyy up.

The Backpack

I personally ditched carrying a purse forever ago. As a girl on the go my mini-backpack goes brilliantly from day to night, meetings to after-hours. What's nice about the mini is it's sooooo much chicer than a standard size backpack. This is girl boss, not school girl. 

The Cocktail Party

Every girl boss know how to throw a party. Okay - in real life - sometimes it's a party for one, but having a good cocktail, even on an international flight (how about that gift?!), is something a girl boss knows how to do. 

The Destress Supplies

Long days of running the world can lead to some serious stress. Give your favorite girl boss a little something to relax with. Each of these are definitely on rotation at my house.  

The Beauty Bag

I'll have a full list of beauty gifts coming later this week, however! These are each items that should be in every girl boss beauty bag no matter her hair texture or skin type.

I hope these cheat sheets are helping you guys out! Let me know if there's someone you need help shopping for! I'll be back again with beauty gifts and gifts for traveling couples later this week!



Holiday Cheat Sheet For the Stylish Travelista

This week I've got a holiday cheat sheet coming for you almost every day. Today's round up: gifts for the stylish travelista. Which basically means I combed the internet looking for the exact things that I want in my stocking this year. Know a girl like me? Here's your list you guys. 

For a successful foray into the wilderness here's a (stylish) guide to the wild

I've had a map obsession since I was, oh 7. Most wanderlusters do. 

There's never too many T's. I was terrified of frogs as a child. Might still be. This one's helping me to overcome.

Pendelton blankets and scarves are a must for girls that glamp.

I'm Outta Here. Even her passport holder says so. 

Stay warm. In style. Obsessed with the sweater dresses in GG's holiday collection

Because Glossier, and (outdoorsy) girls run the world. 

Remember your best days at summer camp? Put it on the wall

Build your own beach tent or... buy this one

No matter the destination a girl's gotta have good hair

Here's more to help get your wheels turning.