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This week our Nashville home will be featured in one of my seriously all time favorite interiors & home decor magazines. Ouiiiii! I spent weeks and weeks preparing for that photoshoot and today we're sharing tips on how to boho up your own space. I'll be sharing a behind the scenes tour of our home soon (and that feature as soon as it's out) and in the meantime I enlisted Susanna to put together a quick tip sheet to show you guys how to add a little boho flair to your own home.

What is it about walking into a friend’s gorgeous bohemian style house, or getting lost in the stunning imagery of those fascinating homes on instagram that really makes us want to capture a little of that boho spark for ourselves? A boho atmosphere is dreamy, carefree, and wildly magical. It’s the kind of dwelling where you feel your creativity come alive, surrounded in your peaceful, artist sanctuary.

Here are a few tips on creating some boho magic in your own home - or adding to the bohemian style you’re already building.

String Lights

For an instant boho magical feel, try adding some string lights to a room (or two!) in your house. Whether they’re tiny wire fairy lights, or larger edison bulbs, when these lights are twinkling at night, you’ll instantly feel like you’re in your own fantasy world.


The great thing about a boho style is you can mix and match colors and patterns. This is one style where you don’t have to coordinate. In fact, the more colors, the more brilliant your home will shine. Throw a bunch of patterned pillows and large comfy blankets together and nestle down with your friends - or relax alone and let your imagination run wild!


When you fill your home with plants, not only does this already give you a wildchild look, but being in tune with nature, watching your “babies” grow, can bring such peace to your home. Some great houseplants to start out with include english ivy (perfect for creating clean air!), spider plant, aloe vera, various succulents, air plants, etc. Gather together some colorful decorative pots, and you’ve got an interesting boho element going on.

Record Player

Your phone and Alexa provide music at your fingertips, but there’s something extra special about the vintage charm of record players. They add a fun, different look to your home, and collecting records is an exciting hobby on its own. So turn on your string lights, sit back on that couch full of colorful pillows, and enjoy the unique experience that only a record player can truly bring.

Objects from Nature

Sometimes, some of the best touches to your boho home are free. Connect with nature and bring a little of that spirit inside with you. Some shells from your trip to the beach on your nightstand, dried flowers in a vase, a collection of unique rocks, that perfect piece of driftwood...keep your eyes open on your next outdoor adventure and you just might find a new decoration or two.


Upgrade your candles with a few worldly lanterns and watch your rooms glow from various tables and shelves.

Unique Wall Art

Dream catchers, macrame art, travel maps - anything that catches your eye is sure to always have you feeling happy and free spirited each time you look at them. Think of your bohemian decor as if each element serves to tell a story.

Travel Souvenirs

Most importantly, every boho girl knows that some of her most valuable decorations are her treasures picked up on travels. Each place you go, grab something special that speaks to you. That way, everywhere you look in your home, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful memories.

Cheat Sheet by Susanna

Susanna Williams is a creative writer in a variety of media. Spending years in the independent film industry in Los Angeles, she worked in screenwriting before becoming a distributor of festival winning films.
When she's not working with her start up production company in New Orleans, she writes fiction and raises orphaned baby wildlife. 🐒🐻🐱 
She's a huge travel enthusiast with a love for art, fashion, and beauty. (p.s. she wore baby blue velvet booties to her ouiwegirl.com interview. so between that and the baby animal love, clearly, she wins at life.)

Mystical Reading List

Lately I find that just about anytime I sit down with friends for a leisurely hang out (and a few rounds of summer water) eventually the conversation turns to some sort of witchy mysticism. Okay in all honestly, it usually starts with a conversation about what's happening on instagram, then goes to a convo about what's happening in our current skin care routines and then after the 2nd or 3rd drink it goes to the writers, poets & musicians that are taking our magical thinking a little higher. 

And, since it's summer time and I'm pretty sure half of us have at least one more beach weekend or lake day left in us before fall comes (especially for us girls in the South, we've got months left really) I've put together a quick little reading list to round out your summer.

In truth, every book on this list is on my "must read all the time" list, not just for the summer - these are the tried and true books that keep my head in check when I go a little astray in my thinking and then there's a few new goodies that are quickly make their way into that list.

My sister, btw, after a night of summer drinking with her friends bought like 10 copies (on my Prime account) of #6. She bought them to give to each of her housemates and late night friends and then texted me at 2 a.m. to tell me so (she put her cc # in my Prime account if you're wondering) ... anyways it's kinda the type of book that's so good to read with your besties. The next day she asked what else is on my reading list. It was the second time in a few days I'd given out that list so I figured if she wanted it, you might too - and although you might do your book buying while sober, adding to your mystical reading collection during regular daylight hours or after a boozy night with your best people is kind of never a bad idea. 

Wanderfully yours,


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5 Goodies for a Full Moon Slumber Party

Tomorrow night there's a Full Moon in Capricorn.

You all know I follow the moon cycles closely, and I love creating little rituals and celebrations around each coming full moon. 

If you've been following along on our Astrology updates from Mackenzie you know that this Cancer moon cycle has been about exploring our inner self and diving into our natural instincts. To connect a bit further with our inner child and because, hey, it seems everyone is doing it we're giving you 5 things to make your own full moon slumber party extra festive! 

Plan an impromptu one this weekend or save this cheat sheet for next month's Solar Eclipse or any time you want to have your best girls (& guys) over for the night!

Full Moon Slumber Party

1. Flower Crowns

Stating the obvious on this one however making your own with fresh flowers is a divinely feminine & fun slumber party activity or pick up a few from your favorite boho etsy shop. 

2. Floral Prints

Floral prints are truly blossoming this summer, so have your pick! Brighten up your summer style with a floral patterned shirt, shorts or swimsuit. You can also freshen up your summer party with floral decor - my recommendation: go to Trader Joe's and load up on whatever they've got in the flower aisle, well priced and the prettiest options! 

3. Popsicle Cocktails

Keep the party swingingly cool with frozen booze. The recipes in this book are all  premium alcohol, fresh fruits, and natural ingredients. Healthy drinking, am I right?

4. Bubble Wands

Bubble wands are the best way to add charm and magic to your summer party. They help to enhance the environment and allow for some pretty wondrous Instagram pictures (so make sure to have your phone charged, and film in your Instax).

5. Hair Beads & Face Paint

Hair beading is a perfect slumber party activity (and did you guys ever do hair wraps on beach vacations when you were like 10?). Plus face painting, from color to glitter, will add a little sparkly magic! 

Have fun out there full moon dancing you guys. Here's a few more things I'm loving for any slumber party. 

5 Summer Beauty Must Haves

Hi hi,

After spending quite a few of my most recent days beaching or desert dwelling in my favorite swimwear I figured it was high time to share a little cheat sheet round up of the things making my beauty bag cheer YAYYYY as I'm traveling from destination to destination. 

For the record, I was always of the mind set that a bikini, tanning oil (GASP) and the rosiest of lip balms was all a beach bag really needed, but those days have changed a bit. Besides a solid SPF of course, lately I've been kinda swooning over a few other things. I'm loving all the one pieces out there and living for natural self tanners and body scrubs to keep my skin sparkly. 

So here we are, a summer must have cheat sheet to get you beach ready!

Summer Must Haves

1. Bali Body Golden Traveler

Billed as a package featuring "a creamy Luxe Lotion, a Moisturising Sunscreen, the tanning oil you love, and a BB Cream in your favorite shade" and packaged in the cutest travel pouch, I actually can't think of the a better beach kit. Pick from watermelon, cacao or natural tanning & body oil then pick the BB cream shade best suited to your skin.

2. Boys + Arrow One Piece  

A great bathing suit that I feel confident in is major. The retro fitting styles with high waist bottoms and cool one pieces this season are all chic and flattering to any body type. I've been working with a swimwear company in Florida that introduced me to this brand and I'm seriously obsessed.

3. Frank Body Products, in particular the shimmer body scrub!

Frank Body offers a ton of unique exfoliating coffee scrubs that help with acne scars while preventing cellulite and elevate natural glowing skin. The unicorn scrub exfoliates & leaves skin with a shimmering glow. And, honestly, unicorn everything is wayyyyy on trend.

4. Matrix Style Sunnies

A new pair of sunnies always make me feel cool and are necessary for the summer sun! Think early 90s vibes, and smaller lensed shades & cat eyes.

5. Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit

I mentioned this good stuff a few months back and honestly, a bright smile will have you feeling fully your best... add a little bronze glow, with a swipe of a rose tinted balm and you'll need nothing else. 

What's on your summer beauty list lovelies? 

Here's a few other things I'm loving.


Wanderfully yours,


Packing List for Minimalist Travel

Hi wanderlusters! We're back today with another cheat sheet. This one is for those of you interested in packing light. 

Minimalist traveling doesn't have to be difficult, or leave you feeling like you're out of the fashion game. Susanna's tips below (and the cheat sheet) will ensure you've got everything you need to be your chicest self on your next adventure. 

Minimalist Traveling

get the download here

What Oui Wear: Minimalist Traveling

Only pack things you love to wear. Not the “eh, maybe I’ll wear this one” pieces. You’ll wear your favorites over and over again, different ways, which is what you want to keep in mind when packing light. Always bring a few of your favorite basics that can be worn multiple times. Think tank tops that can go with everything. Throw in a pair of shorts, and you can swap the color tanks each day. Throw them on with a skirt or jeans, add some jewelry and a jacket for night. The best thing to keep in mind is to pack a couple of tops that can be matched with a couple of bottoms, and mix and match them throughout your time traveling.

Stay away from a brand new outfit each day. Save this for when you’re home. When you’re on the road (or plane), you’ll be so thankful for a minimalist wardrobe instead of dragging around a heavy bag stocked with clothes you’ll only end up wearing a few of anyway. Below are a few items to pack to get you in the right mindset for mixing items and re-wearing with a few tweaks. When you’re mixing around your favorite clothes, you’ll be confidently dressed in a matter of minutes and out the door to do what you’re traveling for - exploring.

Little Black Dress

You can wear it casual for the day, then throw on a jacket for the night, add a statement necklace, and you’re good to go. Take that same dress, tie a belt around it, or add a cardigan/kimono, your other pair of packed shoes, and you’ve turned it into a new day outfit.

Maxi/Midi Dress

This dress is so easy to wear flowing and light during the day, then with a little jewelry and lipstick, you can go straight into the night with it.


One pair of jeans. Preferably dark as they can go from day to night flawlessly. Mixing shirts, you’ll find this is really all you need.


Practical and cute to wear on your back while out and about traveling and sightseeing. Get a flashy one where you can sling it over your shoulder at night for an instant gorgeous purse. Two purses in one. Done.

Leather Jacket

Nothing takes any daytime outfit to instant nighttime cool like a leather jacket. That day dress you’ve been in, that t-shirt and jeans/cutouts, throw a leather jacket on and hit a restaurant or night spot and you’re instantly put together. Let this be your go to jacket for traveling. Best to keep it down to one jacket when it’s summertime travelling. You’ll find that’s really all you need. Not several options “just in case.”

Extra Outerwear

This one isn’t a jacket. This is one extra item that can be used multiple times to change up an outfit, or have something to drape over you when the warm nights get a little cool. Think kimonos or cardigans.


Throw on some lipstick and this big thin scarf to wrap around your neck or shoulders and you have a quick upgrade to a night outfit. Tie it around your neck to give any of your day outfits a new look.


Easy to sleep in (minus the leather version), lounge in, and throw under a dress. Take one of your tank tops you’ve packed, and you’re good to go.


Match your outfit to your shoes. That way you’ll know you have a pair of shoes for everything. Pick two pairs of shoes that can go with your packed color scheme. (Three if you really need them, but no more. Shoes take up way too much room.) A nice ankle boot that can work for both night and day can cut down on heels if you don’t really need them. A pair of tennis shoes that can go with both day, and a casual night. And for that third pair, sandals for the summer, or a nice wedge to wear in place of heels. The less shoes the better.

I’ve heard this tip many times, and found it to hold true since no matter how lightly I pack, I still somehow don’t wear all the items. Once you have everything picked out, bite the bullet and take away too items that you really won’t need. They’re in there. You’ll be glad for the extra room once you’re on the road. Another bonus to keep in mind when you’re traveling is to keep in mind the amazing stores you’re bound to run across - you'll want to add to your wardrobe while shopping. So don’t overpack so you can leave plenty of room for some exciting finds.

Cheat Sheet by Susanna

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Shopping List for Summer Weather

Even the best laid plans for a stylish summer can be fully thwarted if you choose the wrong garment as the temperature creeps up to the 80's, 90's and above. I remember when I moved to New Orleans... I always equate the feeling of the morning heat, a heat where your sunnies fog up just for stepping outside, to something like the warmth one gets after a tequila shot or two. If there's something New Orleans fashionistas know about it's how to dress for the heat. 

So as we put this checklist together it was important to consider dressing for the southern tropics on one hand and desert heat too. We also were thinking about the concrete jungles and how quickly the city streets can warm up. 

I enlisted Susanna, one of babes on the Oui We team, who hails from Alabama, spent a few years in the desert climate of California and made her way to New Orleans most recently. She's created a pretty killer shopping cheat sheet. And even better, you can download the entire shopping list below! Here's a little preview of what you'll find on the download.

We created the downloadable version, so you can click, print and take this baby straight to your favorite boutiques and vintage shops to make sure you don't miss a thing when shopping for your summer wardrobe update. Or, print it out and put it up on your summer moodboard, It'll get you outfit inspired in 10 steps (and 1 little bonus). 

Without further adieu, here's the cheat sheet in full. 

What to Wear This Summer To Stay Chic in the Heat

Soft, breezy shorts

While denim shorts are amazing, sometimes shorts that are a little lighter, not restricting, that let air in while also having fun patterns are a perfect way to quickly look super cute for summer, and also not feel gross and sweaty. (Also doesn’t take up any room on those summer trips.)

Loose fitting tops

Crops tops look darling during the summertime, but picking out a looser style that doesn’t cling to your skin will allow air to flow more freely and not have you feeling sticky. The less fabric that touches your skin, the better. (This loose style can go for all shirts in general, not just crop tops).


Underneath all those loose fitting clothing, spaghetti strap dresses, and sheer fabrics- bralettes are perfect. Not only can you get beautiful, lace ones that are meant to be shown, but they also don’t have any padding and thick fabric to create that awful boob sweat.

Sheer Cardigans & Kimonos

These babies quickly add more to a basic summer outfit, and also they're good to have on hand if the nights get a little cooler, or you’re indoors. Lace and see through, it's the ultimate in boho style. These look gorgeous with short shorts and tank tops.


Tops with cold shoulder cutouts, or backless, well, anything, allows air flow. Or try it on the bottom: summer is the time for ripped up denim shorts too.

Linen Pants

This isn't your grandma's version: sometimes it’s just too hot to wear jeans, so linen is a surprisingly chic summery addition that also helps keep you cool. Linen/cotton blend won’t wrinkle either, double score.

Maxi Dresses

The fastest summer style you can put on and look completely stylish. Maxi skirts with crop tops are a perfect outfit too.


Lighter summer scarves tied into your hair can not only keep away sweat, but also give you a beautiful boho look. Large ones can be untied and draped over your shoulders to protect you from the sun, or keep you warm indoors. They can also be tied onto your purse as a decoration and ready for use when needed.


Even if it’s so hot you don’t feel like doing anything but wearing a tank top and shorts, sometimes all you need is an attention grabbing piece of jewelry to make your outfit stand out.

Strappy Sandals/Slip ons

Sandals go with summer, there’s really no other shoe that’s as iconic for the weather, and it’s because it works so well and with all different styles. Slip on shoes are another brilliant alternative as they’re easy and comfortable. Buy the tiny no show socks and this will help keep your summer feet from making them smell (eeewwww, it's never good to show up to a picnic, kick the shoes off and wellllll). There are different kinds of lace slip ons now too that are even more breathable.


These are ace for anyone, but especially since it’s summer dress season, these can be a perfect way to get the cooling feel of a dress, but helps prevent your thighs rubbing together for anyone that deals with that icky annoyance when wearing a dress.

Additional Tips:

Steer clear of gray on really hot days. This color, along with bright pastels, shows all those not so fab sweat marks.

To keep cool, wear: cotton, chambray, and linen. Stay away from: polyester, spandex, and nylon. Rayon and silk are in the middle. Best to wear when it’s not blazing hot.

Cheat Sheet by Susanna

Susanna Williams is a creative writer in a variety of media. Spending years in the independent film industry in Los Angeles, she worked in screenwriting before becoming a distributor of festival winning films.
When she's not working with her start up production company in New Orleans, she writes fiction and raises orphaned baby wildlife. 🐒🐻🐱 
She's a huge travel enthusiast with a love for art, fashion, and beauty. (p.s. she wore baby blue velvet booties to her ouiwegirl.com interview. so between that and the baby animal love, clearly, she wins at life.)

graphic design by Lani Maheu